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Special Issue Honoring Janne NolanĀ (Fall 2021)

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The Foundation

Remembering Janne
Francis J. Gavin

The Scholar

Moral Choices Without Moral Language: 1950s Political-Military Wargaming at the RAND Corporation
John R. Emery

Better Monitoring and Better Spying: The Implications of Emerging Technology for Arms Control
Jane Vaynman

The Strategist

Nuclear Operations and Counter-Homeland Conventional Warfare: Navigating Between Nuclear Restraint and Escalation Risk
Bruce M. Sugden

The Standstill Conundrum: The Advent of Second-Strike Vulnerability and Options to Address It
Rose Gottemoeller

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Dilemma of a Conflicted Civil Servant
Alexandra Hall Hall

Special Remembrance

Knowing Janne Nolan
Condoleezza Rice


ISSN (Print): 2576-1021
ISSN(Online): 2576-1153