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Clarity and Quagmire (February 2019)

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The Foundation

Reviewing Blues
Francis J. Gavin

The Scholar

When Do Leaders Change Course? Theories of Success and the American Withdrawal from Beirut, 1983–1984
Alexandra T. Evans and A. Bradley Potter

How to Think About Nuclear Crises
Mark S. Bell and Julia Macdonald

The Strategist

After the Responsible Stakeholder, What? Debating America’s China Strategy
Hal Brands and Zack Cooper

Crossroads: Counter-terrorism and the Internet
Brian Fishman

The End of the End of History: Reimagining U.S. Foreign Policy for the 21st Century
Sen. Ben Sasse

Featured Roundtable Essay

The Persistence of Great Power Politics
David M. Edelstein


ISSN (Print): 2576-1021
ISSN(Online): 2576-1153