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Beneath the Surface (Spring 2024)

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The Foundation

What Exactly Are We Doing?
Francis J. Gavin

The Scholar

Climate Change and Military Power: Hunting for Submarines in the Warming Ocean
Andrea Gilli, Mauro Gilli, Antonio Ricchi, Aniello Russo, Sandro Carniel

Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II, and the Reality of Constitutional Statesmanship
Luke J. Schumacher

From Panic to Policy: The Limits of Foreign Propaganda and the Foundations of an Effective Response
Gavin Wilde

The Strategist

Rethinking U.S. Africa Policy Amid Changing Geopolitical Realities
John J. Chin, Haleigh Bartos

Stabilizing Haiti: A Guide for Policymakers
Ian Murray, Chris Bernotavicius

Roundtable Feature

The Futility of Great-Power Politics
Alex Hobson


Issue DOI:

ISSN (Print): 2576-1021
ISSN(Online): 2576-1153