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Things Fall Apart (Summer 2021)

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The Foundation

What If We Are Wrong?
Francis J. Gavin

The Scholar

An Episode of Existential Uncertainty: The Ontological Security Origins of the War in Donbas
Brendan Chrzanowski

The Truth About Tripwires: Why Small Force Deployments Do Not Deter Aggression
Dan Reiter and Paul Poast

Erosion by Deference: Civilian Control and the Military in Policymaking
Polina Beliakova

The Political Effects of Social Media Platforms on Different Regime Types
Guy Schleffer and Benjamin Miller

The Strategist

Cyber Risk Across the U.S. Nuclear Enterprise
Herbert Lin

Debunking the AI Arms Race Theory
Paul Scharre

Roundtable Feature

Nuclear Revelations About the Nuclear Revolution
Scott D. Sagan


ISSN (Print): 2576-1021
ISSN(Online): 2576-1153