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Force & Feeling (Spring 2022)

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The Foundation

Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom
Doyle Hodges

The Scholar

Were Drone Strikes Effective? Evaluating the Drone Campaign in Pakistan Through Captured al-Qaeda Documents
Bryce Loidolt

The Role of Emotions in Military Strategy
Samuel Zilincik

Countering Hybrid Warfare: Mapping Social Contracts to Reinforce Societal Resiliency in Estonia and Beyond
Salamah Magnuson, Morgan Keay, and Kimberly Metcalf

Disease Outbreak and National Security: Drawing Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis to Improve Emergency Response
Balaji L. Narain

The Strategist

Not a Suicide Pact: Urgent Strategic Recommendations for Reducing Domestic Terrorism in the United States
Barbara L. McQuade

Roundtable Feature

Making the Mark on Leader Targeting
Craig Whiteside


ISSN (Print): 2576-1021
ISSN(Online): 2576-1153