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Roundtables are where we get to hear from multiple experts on either a subject matter or a recently published book. These collections of essays allow for detailed debates and discussions from a variety of viewpoints so that we can deeply explore a given topic or book.

To understand what has gone both right and wrong since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, we have convened a roundtable of some of this country’s foremost experts on terrorism, insurgency, and strategy.

Melvyn Leffler’s latest book, Safeguarding Democratic Capitalism, is a collection of essays spanning his decades-long career. We’ve gathered together a handful of reviewers to read and reflect on his writings.

Sir Lawrence Freedman’s latest book, The Future of War, asks why futurists have so often gotten it wrong when it comes to predicting war.

Stephen Tankel’s new book, With Us and Against Us, looks at the troubled relationship between America and its counterterrorism partners in the Middle East and North Africa.

How important is military superiority for U.S. national security? We asked a few experts to join the debate in our latest roundtable.

We asked a group of experts to discuss whether the tensions between the United States and China amount to a 21st century Cold War.

We asked a handful of experts to review Mark Perry’s new book, The Pentagon’s Wars: The Military’s Undeclared War Against America’s Presidents.

1. Max Boot’s Revisionist Look at Vietnam By Mark Atwood Lawrence Could the United States have won in Vietnam if only Americans had made different decisions about how to fight the war there? For the most part, academic historians have said no. The South Vietnamese state was so flawed and the reservoir of Soviet and […]

Given the number of current and former generals who have been appointed to the Trump administration, TNSR asked a group of experts to share their thoughts on the impact this is having on civil-military relations in America.