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Roundtables are where we get to hear from multiple experts on either a subject matter or a recently published book. These collections of essays allow for detailed debates and discussions from a variety of viewpoints so that we can deeply explore a given topic or book.

In this featured roundtable essay for Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Van Jackson lays out a vision for progressive foreign policy.

We gathered together a group of scholars and practitioners to discuss the Reagan administration’s foreign policy in Latin America — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In this roundtable, we asked our chair, Van Jackson, to write a prompt essay on the future of progressive foreign policy, and had each of our contributors respond.

In this roundtable, we asked the chair, Colin Dueck, to write a prompt essay about the future of conservative foreign policy, and then asked our seven contributors to respond.

For years, America has depended on partnering with countries to help combat terrorism and promote regional stability. We gathered together a group of experts to weigh in on security assistance and its pros and cons.

We convened a roundtable to discuss Reagan’s foreign policy legacy, its place in the Trump doctrine, and its future in the GOP.

This roundtable, chaired by James Goldgeier, features essays on the future of NATO from three different European perspectives.

We got four experts together to debate whether or not America needs a “space force,” and why.

In this roundtable feature, Ulrike Franke urges Europe to get its house in order.